Everyday Bordeaux 2012

Everyday Bordeaux 2012 Judging completed on 10 July
100 Wine Selection will be Announced in mid-August

Everyday Bordeaux 2012 – the annual wine challenge to select 100 Bordeaux best buys in town succeeded its judging works on July 9 and 10.

Since 2007, the challenge has driven great attention to Bordeaux wines that are both excellent in quality and affordable for everyday drinking.

For this 6th edition, we had the pleasure to gather a super panel with the best local and international wine experts (Ms Debra MEIBURG MW, Mr John CHAN, Mr Nelson CHOW, Mr Jordan CHOY, Mr Wilson KWOK, Mr Peter KWONG, Mr Greenie LAM, Mr Chi San LAU, Mr. Ronny LAU, Ms. Rebecca LEUNG, Ms. Jennifer LUK, Ms. Jennie MACK, Ms. Ivy NG, Ms. Tersina SHIEH, Mr. Chris SO and Mr Ian SYMONDS) to taste and select the new 100 best Everyday Bordeaux wines in Hong Kong.

This year, there were 310 entries for the competition (25 more than last year) and which were presented by 57 importers.

The jury had to select from the following selection by blind tasting and analysis:
- 252 red wines (2007+, HK$70 – HK$350)
- 4 rosé wines (2009+, HK$70 – HK$350)
- 41 dry white wines (2009+, HK$70 – HK$350)
- 13 sweet wines ( 2004+, HK$70 – HK$450)

For Enquiries :      Sopexa Hong Kong Limited              Mr. David Li                   2866 7163
                           Sategy Communications Limited       Ms. Gladys Hau              2881 5256

(from left to right由左至右)

Top Row第一行:          Ronny LAU (劉偉民先生), Rebecca LEUNG (梁淑意小姐),
                                 John CHAN (陳裕康先生), Tersina SHIEH (謝德蘭女士),
                                 Chris SO (蘇任中先生), Ivy NG (伍詠女士),
                                 Jennie MACK (麥秀珍女士), Jennifer LUK (陸潔珊小姐)

Middle Row第二行:        LAU Chi Sun (劉致新先生), Debra MEIBURG MW,
                                  Ian SYMONDS, Peter KWONG (鄺英志先生)

Bottom Row 第三行:      Jordan CHOY (蔡榛原先生), Greenie LAM (林震峰先生),
                                  Wilson KWOK (郭偉信先生)

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