Apéritif à la française : 10 years anniversary!

In France, aperitif is the mellowest moment of the day. A delightful interlude between the day’s activity and a pleasurable meal. The aperitif is a lifestyle, a time for sharing and togetherness that unites people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Sopexa and the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry launch in 2004 a new sensory experience called “Aperitif a la française”, which now exists in 10 countries and will celebrates this year its 10th anniversary.  

The “Apéritif à la française” is a new experience which brings together around the globe, food and beverage industry professionals, foodies who pursue gourmet lifestyles and media.  

In Hong Kong Wine and Dine 2013, experience a new concept and take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the French lifestyle 
 « Apéritif à la française », a concept that offers a sensory experience to be lived and savoured! 

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