Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Trophy 2013 Hong Kong Pre-Selection

Congratulations to the Winner of
the Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Trophy 2013 Hong Kong Pre-Selection

Disciples Escoffier is an association of top chefs dedicated to the transmission of knowledge within the kitchen and to the evolution and understanding of gastronomy.

The Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Trophy (DEYTT) has established itself over the past six years as the leading culinary competition for young Asian chefs. Former winners have become leading culinary celebrities in their own right.

DEYTT is open to anyone under the age 25 (as of 30th September 2013) with a maximum of five years’ experience in kitchens and registered in a vocational education program. The candidate must be a permanent residence of the country from which they have applied.

Together with leading home appliance maker, Miele, who is a proud supporter of the event, Disciples Escoffier launched the DEYTT Hong Kong Pre-Selection at The Miele Private Lounge on 22nd July 2013. Seven young and talented chefs competed by preparing a themed dish – Pan-fried Duck Breast with Bigarade Sauce.

Their goal was to impress the four judges with their own creative elements and style. The judging scores were based not only on taste and presentation of the dish, but also kitchen methods such as cooking techniques, organization skills, product utilization, professionalism, sanitation and timing.

After the full-day competition and professional judging, we are excited to announce the winner of DEYTT 2013 Hong Kong Pre-Selection is Chris WONG from G7 Private Dining! As the official Hong Kong representative, he will compete with seven other contestants from Macau, Singapore, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Together they will appear in the Asian Final of DEYTT at “Restaurant & Bar 2013” on 3-5 September 2013.

About the Asian Final Round of Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Trophy

The Asian Final of the Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Trophy will take place during “Restaurant & Bar 2013” at Hall 5 F&G, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre on 3-5 September. Eight contestants, including the winner from the Hong Kong Pre-Selection, will be vying for culinary supremacy in this 3-day competition.

The President of the Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Trophy Committee Chef Régis Marcon, a distinguished holder of 3 stars from Michelin, will be charged with the responsibility as the head judge with other jury members.They are responsible for judging and selecting the Asia champion in a fair and professional manner.
On 3rd September, the candidates from the eight regions are required to prepare a dish with “Egg” as the theme while on 4th September, they have to create a dish with “Sea Food (Salmon)”. Thereafter, 4 candidates will be eliminated and the remaining ones will enter the last day of competition.

On 5th September 2013, the four candidates with the highest scores combined in the previous two days will undertake the final challenge on the themes “Meat (Beef)” and “Dessert”.

The winner of the Asian Final Round of the Disciple Escoffier Young Talent Trophy 2013 will continue their journey to represent Asia in the World Competition which will be held in Europe in 2014. 

Bottom Left: Pan-fried Duck Breast with Bigarsde Sauce, Bottom Right: Winner Chris Wong

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